Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Dear Fellow Homoeopath

This is your friend and colleague, Jeremy Sherr, writing from Tanzania in Africa. I want to share with you what I have been doing and where I am going.

I am finally in Tanzania working on the ‘Homoeopathy for Health in Africa’ project, specifically intended to help patients with AIDS. We know that homoeopathy has much to offer for those suffering from this terrible disease. I have already treated over 40 cases here with very promising results. One of our former AIDS patients is now HIV negative. Others are making excellent progress. Wherever we go, people are excited about what homoeopathy has to offer.

Over the last 10 years, my trusted colleague and friend Tina Quirk and I have worked towards this goal. Since 2005 I have traveled to Africa three times to set this project up and to treat patients with AIDS. I have now taken the year off from most of my teaching and clinics so I can dedicate all of my time and energy to this mission. My wife, Camilla, and our three children are soon to join me.

Our mission is:
1. To treat as many AIDS patients as possible.
2. To find out if AIDS in Africa is an ‘epidemic’ or not.
3. If it is, to find a genus epidemicus.
4. To spread the knowledge gained throughout Africa and the
5. To establish a research program that will validate our work

At the moment I am setting up the infrastructure. I am working together with Dynamis School graduates from Ireland who know Tanzania and have already done excellent work in setting up a homoeopathy school with our friend, the Tanzanian homoeopath, Sigsbert Rwegasira. We are finalizing the school project so that it is up and running in the near future and at the same time are establishing several AIDS clinics. (You can learn more about the school and Sigsbert on

We invite you to join us on this journey! We do not see this as our project alone, but one that is of the entire homoeopathic community. AIDS is a serious and big problem; it takes an equally large number of us working together to solve it.

There are many ways that you can help:

1. Read about the project at and spread the word to your homoeopathic colleagues and your students.

2. Join us in setting an intention to make this project a success from every point of view and believe in it. We are affirming this intention every day.

3. Help us in fundraising. We are very short on funds. We need money for the clinics, remedies, equipment, translators and an administrator. If you know anyone who would be willing to fund the project, please put us in touch with them.
We depend on your contributions to keep this project going. Any little bit helps: $500, $50, or even $5. Please help us to help them.

Individual donations can be made on the website or by check made to Homeopaths Without BordersNA. Checks may be sent to Tina Quirk, 1202 Lexington Avenue #136, NY, NY 10028. For questions or further information contact Tina Quirk,

4. Please spread the word about our exciting fundraiser, The Zanzibar Challenge

5. Consider coming to Tanzania in the future to work in the AIDS clinics and to guest teach in the homoeopathy school. ‘Karibu!’-Welcome! One of our aims is to set up sustainability and continuity and to provide a teaching and learning resource on AIDS for the world homoeopathic community.

You may think that this is a big undertaking and I agree! There have been obstacles and there will be more to come, I’m sure. But there are also joys and successes and I have found the Tanzanians to be wonderful people. You can follow my journey by going to my blog As I gather more information and understanding, I will be sharing it on my blog.

The situation in Africa is desperate. I read the books and saw the documentaries. The reality is much worse.
Homoeopathy can help. We must act.
Alone, I can help a few people.
Together we can make a big difference.

With Warm Wishes,